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Say Yes to More Customers

Low monthly payment plans designed to increase sales.

Modern Bill & Buy

Increase Sales

With the ability to say “yes” to more customers, businesses can see increased ticket sales while also offering better payment options to customers.

Get Paid First

With Bill & Buy services, businesses can wait to render services until a down-payment is received. Set up a payment plan that works for you and your customer.

Fast & Flexible Process

Don’t wait for flexibility. With ServicingUSA’s technology, you can set up payments in a matter of minutes once your customer is approved.


Payment term options that work for businesses and customers

Give your customers the flexibility to spread their payments over time. Our payment calculator automatically builds payment plans that work with your customers’ finances. Plus, businesses have the flexibility to set their own terms.

Get Started

Increased Sales On Your Terms

Quick Processing

Our simple and fast application can approve your customers quickly, as well as calculate payment terms that fit the needs of both the business and the customer.

Payment Term Options

Multiple payment term options are available, from 6-month to 24-month terms, allowing customers to pay in their own time frame.

You Set the Finance Charge

Whether you simply want to offer 0% or you’d like to set a higher finance charge based on payment terms, businesses have the flexibility to offer customers payment options on their terms.

Simple Payment Portal

ServicingUSA’s payment portal is an easy-to-use platform that gives your customers everything they need, from copies of their contract documents to setting up auto-pay.

Low Cost

With this low-cost solution from ServicingUSA, you can say “yes” to more customers and offer higher-quality service and better payment options.

Increased Revenue

ServicingUSA offers customers the flexibility to purchase the services they want, which can lead to higher ticket sales and more services rendered.