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Remove the burden of collections from your business and streamline the process with robust collections strategies.

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We ensure that compliance with any applicable laws and regulations are followed throughout the lifecycle of a customer's loan, including compliance with EFTA, FDCPA, SCRA, TCPA, and FCRA.

Data & Technology

With our industry-leading technology, ServicingUSA leads in solutions that help protect your business. Additionally, an easy-to-use platform creates a high-quality customer experience.


ServicingUSA was designed to help businesses scale their growth and improve customer experience and retention. With dedicated support and successful collections strategies, businesses can focus on growth.

Why Us?

From Collections to Results

With our third-party servicing, ServicingUSA is not only able to remove the burden of collections from your business, but we also streamline the process with robust strategies. When businesses invest in servicing, they may see improved portfolio performance, fewer delinquencies, and increased revenue.

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Results Your Business Can See

Improved Portfolio Performance

Between our technology, high-quality service, and strategic collections, our dedicated servicing team can lead your company to improved portfolio performance.

Fewer Delinquencies

With dedicated customer support and more payment options, your customers will have all the tools they need to make their payments, which can lead to fewer delinquencies.

Increased Revenue

When you invest in collections strategies and high-quality service, not only can you see improved collections, but you may also see higher customer satisfaction and repeat purchases, which can lead to increased revenue overall.

Low Cost

With a low-cost solution, it’s an easy decision: free your business from the burdens of collections and increase your returns.

Expert Industry Knowledge

When it comes to collections and loan servicing, leave it to the experts. Our team has years of experience in customer service, fraud detection, regulatory compliance, and collections strategies.

World-Class Technology

Our technology is designed to streamline your business. From an easy payment portal for borrowers to an industry-leading loan management system (LMS), we’re here to provide a world-class experience.