Merchants Can Say ‘Yes’ to More Customers through Bill & Buy

For merchants, it’s critical to your business’s success to offer multiple payment solutions to help maximize your sales. It’s also important for consumers to have access to reasonable payment options that allow them to stretch out the expense of large purchases over time. The truth is, a personal loan isn’t always feasible, especially if a borrower’s credit isn’t up to par. Do you have other options to offer in this scenario? With ServicingUSA, you’re in control.

According to, in 2018, “Only 23.88 percent of all applicants were successfully approved for a personal loan, with 76.12 percent being denied.” We know that telling your customers “no” when you could be telling them “yes” is essential, so we help you turn it all around! As a merchant, even if a loan application is denied, there is still an opportunity to make a sale. It’s time to say “yes” more often.

With ServicingUSA’s Bill & Buy solution, you can give customers the instant gratification they’re looking for by offering your own billing or monthly payment option if they are declined for a loan. As the merchant, you get to customize down payments & finance charges to offer in-house payment plans on your terms. You know what that means: with merchants in the driver’s seat, you can have the potential to increase sales.

When you offer a Bill & Buy solution, you’re offering convenience. As the merchant, you get immediate access to all of these payment options right in one application flow, and you and your customers get to enjoy a seamless experience.

Bill & Buy Merchant Benefits in a Snapshot:

  • You set down payment terms
  • Customize finance charges
  • Our platform makes it easy to build contracts
  • Simple payment portal for your customers
  • Increased sales
  • We handle all servicing & collections on your accounts1

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  1. Accounts serviced through ServicingUSA may be serviced by third party providers